Neways has been rebranded as Modere. In 2013 Neways was bought by Z Capital Corporation and experienced some rebuilding and changes. For additional exceptional data on this organization, see our survey for Modere.

Neways was built up in 1987 and makes dietary, individual care, and family unit items. They will likely make solid and ecologically safe homes that are free from introduction to fixings that are possibly destructive.

Neways is an immediate deals organize promoting organization in the wellbeing and health industry that works in more than 30 nations. Neways details, fabricates, and disperses the greater part of its items in their own particular offices. The organization’s corporate base camp are arranged in Springville, Utah and claims ten extra workplaces around the globe.
The Good

Safe fixings

Logical Advisory Board

Low information exchange cost


Safe Ingredients

Neways cases to utilize safe fixings in every one of their items. Neways researchers always assess fixings and search for specific things that can cause intense danger in creatures and people. They additionally search for things that may cause skin and mucous layer bothering, unfavorably susceptible responses, or that might be possibly cancer-causing.

Neways is extremely specific in picking who it works with amid the assembling procedure. All providers must follow excellent guidelines put forward by the Food and Drug Administration. Neways requires all crude material providers to present the accompanying data previously Neways works with them:

Standard Operating Procedures

Affirmation of Implementation of Procedures

Great Manufacturing Practices

Scientific Testing Methods

Affirmation of Stability

Affirmation of Shelf Life

Revelation of Excipients

Authentications of Analysis

Logical Advisory Board

Neways states on its organization site that specific fixings are never utilized as a part of their product offerings. Individual care things never contain DEA, TEA, powder, sodium tree sulfate, or phthalates. Healthful items are tried for organisms, pesticides, and overwhelming metals. The organization utilizes a group of researchers and scholastic analysts on the Scientific Advisory Board to exhort administration on wellbeing and security matters for the overall population and to keep their items protected and powerful for utilize.

Low Signup Cost

The cost to end up noticeably a Neways autonomous merchant is generally low. You can agree to accept $19.95 for one year and recharge yearly for $23. New wholesalers are given backers to enable them to develop their organizations. The organization likewise gives plentiful deals and promoting assets and preparing materials.


You get paid to shop. There are more than 200 items in the Neways wellbeing and health product offering for you and those you allude to look over. Allude three individuals who likewise get three individuals each keeping in mind the end goal to assemble your downline and begin profiting. At the point when every individual move purchases $150 in item buys every month, you win 10 percent commission four levels profound and 5 percent on two levels further than that.

The Bad


Exploitative practices

Tax avoidance

No Longer Neways

The organization is never again lawfully known as Neways International. The organization rebranded itself in 2013 as Modere when it was acquired by Z Capital Corporation. The rebranding included new proprietorship, development methodologies, and evaluating structures. The organization additionally embraced another plan of action and remuneration design. In any case, the organization site still seems obsolete and it is hard to find point by point data with respect to the business opportunity.

This was the second difference in possession in the organization’s history. It was additionally sold to Golden Gate Capital in 2006 who just as of late sold the organization to Z Capital. However with all the work engaged with the rebuilding, this data isn’t formally revealed as open information on the organization site or promoting materials.

Dishonest Practices

The organization does not have a decent history with regards to moral practices. The organization needed to review a weight reduction item in 1993 when it was found to contain a substantial measurement of the remedy diuretic furosemide. The organization was likewise indicted on criminal accusations in 2004 for appropriation of an item containing human development hormone. In 2008, the Neways backup in Japan needed to suspend new wholesaler information exchanges. It was requested by the Japanese government after wholesalers were discovered lying about contenders’ items and saying they would cause lethal infections if customers utilized them.

Tax Avoidance

The organizers of the organization were indicted tax avoidance in 2005. Thomas and Leslie Mower endeavored to disguise over $4 million in wage. Thomas additionally made a false credit record and put forth false expression to specialists of the Internal Revenue Service. Thomas was condemned to serve 33 months in jail in addition to 3 years administered discharge and requested to pay $75,000 in fines and additionally court costs. Leslie was given a shorter condemning of 27 months with 3 years administered discharge and a $60,000 fine.


Keeping up the necessities associated with winning commissions and motivators might be troublesome for new entrepreneurs. Neways autonomous merchants must keep up 100 PV month to month and additionally 500 GV through three levels of enrollment. This can require a significant stretch of time to create and might baffle for those hoping to produce a prompt huge pay.

The Bottom Line

In light of the lawful inconveniences and absence of straightforwardness to the overall population, we don’t prescribe Neways as a honest to goodness wellbeing and health business opportunity as of now. Customers may locate a superior open door somewhere else. It is hard to put confide in an organization where the authors carried out tax avoidance, criminal allegations were petitioned for illicit solution circulation, and merchants are gotten in exploitative business rehearses.

The new proprietorship may help the organization to turn things around in a positive heading; yet it is too soon to tell yet without a doubt. Shoppers are encouraged to continue with alert. Continuously do broad research and ensure it is an ideal choice for you before putting resources into any multi-level advertising or direct deals organization.

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