AvantLink is intended to be an exclusive network that matches merchants and affiliates while providing real-time analytics to both parties enabling them to track sales and clicks as visitors are on the page. It offers support to affiliates in making their websites more advertiser-friendly by changing the layout and design of the sites to promote ad placement as well as ad visibility. By using the available tools, affiliates create a more marketable product, which they can offer to an extensive network of merchants in the AvantLink system. The company promotes the idea of referral marketing and building relationships between merchants and affiliates that can be mutually beneficial to both parties involved in marketing.

The Good
AvantLink is a great resource for affiliates who are first looking to monetize their websites. It provides great tools that help to open up advertising placement in areas that are most likely to get attention from viewers. One of the main advantages for new users and new websites is that AvantLink is free for affiliates to join. All you have to do is prove yourself to be a legitimate website without offensive content and you will become part of the network. Once a member affiliates and merchants are both able to search for partners who they think would be a good fit for their business.

On both sides of the partnership, AvantLink provides users with up to date real-time information and analytics enabling them to track progress and see what is effective and what is not.

The Bad
AvantLink takes more of a matchmaker role than anything else. They help affiliates provide a viable webpage, and then help affiliates and merchants find and pursue relationships that they find most beneficial. There is not a significant amount of training on either end, and no creative service is offered to help merchants design the best ad content. While the software employed helps to track the results of the advertising efforts, AvantLink does not take care of payment processing or any other administrative details of the transactions.

The Bottom Line
AvantLink is a great resource for new entrants to the market. It is great at taking newly formed web pages and getting them ready for advertising, and introducing affiliates to the concept of turning their sites into revenue.

While it is a great site for the new entrant, AvantLink has some serious shortcomings that prevent it from being a long-term solution to either an affiliate or a merchant. This would be a great site for an affiliate who runs a website as an amateur, or as a side business, but it lacks the full spectrum of tools and services that would make it the best system for a fully functioning website looking for an all in one web-based advertising solution agency.